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            Welcome to CPM Asia

            California Pellet Mill is the world largest designer and manufacturer of pelleting equipment, offering a complete chain of pellet mills, conditioning systems, coolers, expanders, crumblers, feed cleaning system and pellet dies.

            Started off from a humble beginning in 1883 back in California, Napa Valley, CPM has gone a long way to be where it is today. Today, with a network of companies and agencies around the world, CPM has offices in three areas; 2 in Asia, 3 in America and 1 in Europe.

            The office in Asia, first open its door for business in 1969 in Singapore at Liu Fang Road. Now, with its 2 office in Asia, one being in Jiangsu Province, China and another at Gul Drive, Singapore, CPM Asia is here to cater to your needs in Asia.

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